Anim 0.1
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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CJsonParserClass to parse json
 CJsonResultResult of a parsed json file
 CIAnimatorNodeInterface for any node containing an animator
 CIKNodeA node that performs an IK transformation on the result from it's child node
 CLeafNodeA blend tree node with no children. Nodes can inherit from this class to create a specialised leaf node
 CLinearBlendNodeA node with two children that linearly blends the results of each child node together
 CNodeBaseBase class for nodes in the blend tree
 CDataBlockBaseBase class for data blocks, allowing nodes to hold state that can be safely accessed from outside the tree
 CNodeFactoryFactory class for nodes. All nodes (except the RootNode) must have non-public constructors and be friends of this class to prevent illegal nodes free from the tree
 CRegularNodeA blend tree node that may have children. Nodes can inherit from this class to create a specialised non-leaf node
 CRootNodeThe root node in an animation tree
 CSimpleAnimationNodeNode containing an animation
 CTreeIsolates the tree interface
 CTwoAnimatorsLinearTransitionNodeNode that has two children, both of which are animation nodes, that can perform a transition between them
 CAnimatedMeshAn animatable mesh object, a skinned mesh containing an animator
 CAnimatedMeshFactoryFactory for animated meshes, contains skinned meshes and animations to prevent unnecessary duplication
 CAnimationBlendTreeThe structure containing and managing a blend tree
 CAnimationClipClass that contains and stores an animation along with the initialisation delegate for the animator playing it
 CAnimationPlayerA class responsible for playing animation clips
 CAnimationStateStruct representing the current state of an animation
 CAnimationSwapTransitionA transition between two animator's animations
 CCCDSolverClass to solve an IK chain
 CIAnimatedMeshRestricted interface to an animatable mesh object
 CIAnimationContainerProviderInterface to an object that contains an animationContainer
 CIAnimationPlayerConfigRestricts the animationPlayer interface
 CIMeshTreeAnimatorInterface restricting the blend tree class
 CIReadOnlyAnimationContainerInterface restricts access to an animation container to read-only actions
 CMeshLoaderLoads a mesh from a gef scene
 COptionalConfigOnTransitionAnimationDelegateStructStruct wrapping the transition delegate
 CSkeletonLoaderLoads skeletons from a gef scene
 CSkinnedMeshInstanceWrapper class for gef::SkinnedMeshInstance which encapsulates creation and storage of the mesh. Prevents accidental copying
 CBoneAnimationDataParses and stores the translation and rotation frames of an animation for a specific bone
 CBoneKeyFrameAbstract base class for a key frame of a bone
 CBoneKeyFrameTransitionBaseHolds two keyframes and describes the transition between them
 CBoneKeyFrameTranslationAndRotationTransitionData container to pair together translation and rotation transition between keyframes
 CSkeletalAnimationClass representing a single animation for a set of bones
 CSkeletonAnimatorAnimator for skeletal animations
 CSkeletonSpriteAn animated sprite, animated using skeletal animation
 CAtlasAnimationSpriteAn animated sprite, animated using spritesheet animation
 CISpriteAnimatorAn animator for a sprite
 CSpriteAnimationSingle animation for a spritesheet
 CSpriteAnimatorSpritesheet animator for an animated sprite
 CSpriteComponentA gef::sprite, Along with a name, transform, and subtexture frame
 CTextureAtlasA texture and collection of SubTextureFrames
 CBlendLerpValueA flot representing the value of a blend
 CErrorStructThis struct should not be created directly, rather is used as a possible member of ValueResult<T>. Struct that represents an error state that can be returned from a function. Contains a string message describing the error. Use of the ERROR_TAG macro can include the function this struct was created in. Error can be Handled to suppress it throwing it's error message in it's destructor. (This feature can be disabled)
 CIAnimatedSpriteA sprite with an animator
 Cis_reference_wrapper< std::reference_wrapper< T > >
 CNormalisedFloatFloat value guaranteed to always be normalised to the range [0, 1]
 CStringIDMapSpecialised container mapping stringID to entities owned by this container
 CTransform2dA 2d transform, a node in a transform tree
 CValueResultStruct representing the return type of a function performing an operation that may fail. Contains a discriminated union of either a success type (specified by T), or an Error state. Allows monadic manipulation of return values from functions using this struct, allowing callers to early return, or take an alternate value, in the case of an error